What to choose – Natural or Synthetic Fiber Carpet?

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When we are looking for a carpet for our home, we face with the dilemma of choosing between natural and synthetic fibres.

Synthetic ones are the most popular materials used in the manufacturing of carpets – 97% are artificially produced. The most commonly used are polypropylene, acrylic, polyester and viscose. However, after the nylon came into fashion in the 1970s, there was a withdrawal when people realized that this material was far from practical and comfortable. Natural fibres were reinstated as classier and more durable. Another drawback of synthetic ones is that they are not resistant to heat and are highly inflammable. In addition, artificial materials are not so pleasant to the touch as natural ones.

Kilim s cvete 2_readyNatural fibres like jute, hemp, sisal and cotton are very suitable for carpets, but are not manufacturers’ preferred choice. This is maybe due their higher price.

One of the most widespread misconceptions is that synthetic machine-woven carpets and rugs are usually offered to individual clients at a good price. However, retailers have to calculate various expenses in the price, such as transport costs, employee benefits, rent payments and advertising fees, which actually leads to a higher price.

Due to the technological advancements and appearance of different on-line platforms and social networks, craftsmen are now able to reach a great number of potential clients and offer them quality handmade articles. Their only expenses are the costs of materials. Therefore, their products have become more competitive and they can offer a lower price for original items made of natural fibres.

Another popular myth is that carpets may trigger allergic reactions and worsen asthmatic symptoms. Regardless of the material they are made of, they capture dust particles and do not allow them to spread in the air. Unlike them, dust amasses on hard flooring and becomes airborne again at the slightest draught. In case of some specific allergies to chemicals and dyes, the chemical composition of a carpet should be taken into account and it should be carefully chosen.

Slynce_readyRegarding stains and cleaning of carpets and rugs, the material should not be of great concern. Generally, stain formation is irrelevant to carpet composition. But don’t worry. Nowadays, there are efficient cleaning agents which can remove virtually any types of stains. Therefore, how a carpet is cleaned should not influence your choice of material. Many people wrongly assume that natural fibres are more easily stained. The results of our tests of a jute carpet show that the most fearsome stains like those of coffee and wine can be cleaned with soap and water only.

No mater what material you select for your carpet, you should also take into consideration other factors that influence your choice, described in detail in our previous post 3 Tips for Choosing a Carpet.

See products made of natural materials.

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