3 Tips for Choosing a Carpet

Kilim sys saksia_small

Choosing the right carpet for our home is the last thing we do after we have bought and arranged the furniture. It is not an easy thing to do since there is a great variety of prices and materials. The carpet makes our home cozier and more comfortable and it is important that its shape and color match our interior. But are there other factors that should influence our choice?

The reasons to choose a quality carpet are different, depending on what kind of floor we have, what is its size, whether it will provide sound insulation, what degree of thermal insulation it has, whether it is cleaned easily, does it feel good when we step on it and whether it looks good.


Zelen_kilim_home_smallSound insulation is important because it affects our mental health. Terracotta and other types of hard floors are prerequisites for loud noise, so it is good to be covered.

Most carpets and rugs provide good thermal insulation especially during cold winter months. It is advisable to cover your terracotta floors, so that you keep the warmth in your room during the winter.


Size: it is very important and you must not compromise with it. If the carpet is thin, it will not insulate well and parts of the floor will remain uncovered.

If you plan to put a carpet under the dining table, you must choose a carpet that is big enough and goes under the chairs too. If you don’t find a suitable size in shops, you can search for a workshop for handmade carpets and choose your own unique size – you will be surprised that it won’t be more expensive.


The form adds greatly to the interior design. It is good to be well thought of where it will be put and where the furniture will be.

A good rule of thumb is to put a round carpet under a round table and a square carpet under a square table. Otherwise, it will not be aesthetic. Elliptic carpets fit well with round furniture and square tables with round angles.

They could also be used for decoration. Small carpets with non-standard design forms bring aesthetics and beautify in the room. A rug (a yard or smaller in diameter) could be put under a large pot or a decorative vase.

Have in mind that you don’t need to spend a lot of money for a beautiful, natural and functional carpet. You can always find a quality one at a good price. Of course, you have to be more patient, but you and your home deserve it.

If you still need to make a decision which carpet is best for you, take a look at our website carpetlove.wordpress.com for inspiration. You can ask us anything at handmade.natural.carpets@gmail.com.


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